Global 3D Printing 2.0, September 2023 - April 2026


On November 3, 2023 the official kick-off of the 3D Global 3D Printing 2.0 Project took place at BBS Soltau, Germany.

This projects continues where the initial 3D printing project ended. This initial 1.0 project generated such positive results and high energy, that all 4 partners, together with 5 new partners, signed up for a follow-up project to push the student's and teacher's learning experience to the next level. The below schools partner (six from Europe and 3 from the US) in this folow-up project:




The follow-up project continues what the current project initiated: cooperation between like-minded educational professionals with the aim to develop and deliver better, more fun, high-impact, technical education to young people.

Aspects that will remain equally important or even more important: focus on SDG’s, enhancing digital skills (eg digital drawing, 3D printing, international student exchanges (the so called carousel rides), managing files in the cloud (Google Drive), setting up conference calls), communication skills (English as a second language, writing, talking, presenting, reporting) and personal soft skills (listening, collaborating, problem solving, dialogue skills).

Learning Activities: 

MBO students (secondary Vocational Education and Training) learn how to design, draw and 3D print  building blocks of (eventually) adult-sized statues, expressing their messages to a more sustainable world. The blocks will be printed from bio-based 3D printing materials such as elephant grass, hemp, bamboo and (fungus) hyphae, with the use of the latest technology 3D printers. 


The Global Printing 2.0 project is build on the 1.0 project and will finetune, professionalize and digitize materials (learning goals, assessment  criteria, instruction manuals/YouTube video’s, best-case practices, templates, etc.) for both teachers and students, such that these become accessible in an online (app based) learning portal. 


Focus areas in the 2.0 project: 

  • (Even) more focus on sustainability (e.g. SDGs in curricula, the use of bio based 3D printing materials, the use of solar energy) 
  • More cooperation with the schools’ local business environments. 
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship under students (setting up their own 3D printing workshop)
  • More cooperation with leading 3D printer manufacturers 
  • More partners (6 core and 3 associated partners).


Longer term benefits: 

A different and innovative way of learning. Outside and inside the classroom. A visible and proud result. With a clear and sustainable message. Made together. After successfully completing this project there will be a strong consortium of modern western democratic associated schools and a blue print to invite democratic orientated schools in developing countries. The end of this project is the start of the next.

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Els van der Veer-Wester
7 maanden geleden

Last week Friday, 3rd November 2023, we have realized the Kick Off of the extended programme "1for all 3D printing project". Our German parntner BBS Solltau was the host of the Kick Off and performed a very good job. All our other partners from the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and the USA were either physically or online present at this event. We explained the purpose/goals of the new extended programma and performed some working groups. It was a great meeting and very nice to see that all partners were exited to participate in the new project. I am sure that we will all make a great success of the project, because we worked already together three years with the "old" partners and the "new" partners are also very enthousiastic and eager to start. We will keep you updated about the progress of the project.