Marcel Toussaint
Initiator 1 for All

"My believe is that students, teachers and schools need to work together and connect globally, with the main question: “what can we learn from each other”?"


Erik Deuling

Teacher and Team member 1 for All

"As a passionate teacher of mechanical engineering with an educational master's degree, I contribute to curriculum development. I take my role when it comes to the development of teaching materials. One for All gives me enery because I can practice my profession together with colleagues from all over the world. Together in this way we make our world and that of the students a little more beautiful."



Tom Bouma
Boardmember 1 for All

"I am a seasoned SME consultant and (higher) VET teacher. In het early 2000’s I met Marcel Toussaint and discovered our shared passion for the best possible, highest impact, most fun education, also for those without a natural talent for school benches. This led to the establishment and flourishing of the Blue Elephant Foundation. 1 for All Education feels like a natural successor where we can take the earlier lessons learned further. I am happy to contribute to this as a board member and (indirectly) have some impact of the careers of our future professionals."



Rick Vermeulen
Boardmember 1 for All

"It is with great enthusiasm and pleasure that I enjoy working on this wonderful international education project. 1 for All is (technically) innovative and able to connect large groups of students worldwide."


Arda Nederveen
Boardmember 1 for All

"As a former youth worker and filmmaker, I have always loved working with young people. The 1 for All project creates experiences that give students more self-confidence, allowing them to face their future more confidently."

Advisory Board




Maja Karlberg

Maja Karlberg, M Sc. Head of organization at Epic - Innovation & Technology Center, Växjö Sweden.




Hans Snijders
Former president of Nova College Haarlem


Katherine Schuster
PhD, Distinguished Professor of Education and Global Studies Coordinator at Oakton College, suburban Chicago, Illinois, USA; Co-President of the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP); Chair of the Senior International Officer Council of Community Colleges for International Development (CCID).

Els Wester
Projectleader, specialized in Eurpean programs
"From 1980 onwards I have worked with European programs. Started with the PETRA program, followed by Leonardo and at the moment Erasmus and Erasmus+ programs. I have a lot of experience with leading, monitoring, guiding and reporting the European projects. I have worked for more than 20 years in vocational education. My aim is to get the best out of at all the students and to prepare them for a dynamic and flexible career market and give them the necessary tools to work together with people all over the world."