1 for All Education promotes inspiring, modern, fun and cross-border vocational engineering education. We develop international projects and programs with and for schools, in which students are challenged to (CAD/CAM) design and manufacture (3D print) their message to the world, enhancing their digital and intercultural communication skills and their awareness of sustainability and environment.


The seed for 1 for All Education was planted in the early 2000s, when Marcel Toussaint initiated Stichting de Blauwe Olifant (the Blue Elephant Foundation). As a VET (engineering) teacher he noticed that the school system was dysfunctional for quite some students. Within the confines of the Blue Elephant these drop-out students (re)discovered their talents (being it welding or addressing an audience) and the joy of learning something new. Key words of the Blue Elephant approach were true personal attention, tangible projects like refurbishing and building boats, and some good fun factor. In essence these are also the key ingredients of 1 for All Education.


1 for All Education embraces the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as we truly feel the world should not only be aware of them, but act upon them. Every day. Especially goal 4 (quality education), 9 (industry innovation and infrastructure), 12 (responsible consumption and production) and 17 (partnerships to achieve the goal) are close to our (education and engineering) heart. Therefore, we 3D print with sustainable materials such as hemp and elephant grass, travel as little and as light as possible and work in close partnership with our European and US friends within the educational system.